Writing 1021, Day 2; A Safe Place

Yesterday’s prompt was “choose a place you’d like to be transported to”.

( For those of you not in the know, MOGII stands for “Marginalized Orientation, Gender Identity, or Intersex”. It serves as a more inclusive replacement of LGBTQ+. )

There’s only one place I can think of that I would like to be, and to be honest, I’m not sure it exists yet.
I want a MOGII space that isn’t a social club. I want a space for those of us who aren’t up for dancing and loud music and alcohol.
I want a little MOGII safe café. Only it isn’t just a café. It’s a book store too, maybe a lending library, of books written by and about us.
It would have a warm colour scheme- muted browns and pastel pinks and purples and blues and greens.
There would be lots of seating- some round tables by the serving bar, a little hallway to some unisex bathrooms and, when you go past those, the hall takes you out to a door and another seating area, with some big soft chairs around a coffee table, and some booths with electrical outlets for phones or laptops, and soft frosted light fixtures for more muted light that’s easier on your eyes.
Out the door is a patio overlooking a hummingbird garden. There would be tables directly on the patio, with umbrellas, and some just scattered about the lawn on a few stone tiles to keep the furniture level.
This place would bake their own bread for sandwiches, and serve coffee and pastries, scones and cupcakes and Danishes and the like.
There would be free wifi and a menu accommodating to dietary restrictions- like vegans and Celiac’s and such.
The produce used would ideally be organic and locally grown- farmers feed cities, you know, not the middle men who run the factories.
There may not be parking available at the shop, but it would be within walking distance from a free public parking lot.
It would be an opportunity for equal opportunity hiring.

This is the place I want to own when I finish college.


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