School upd8!!

Today was registration day!
I went and got my photo taken for my student ID, and got my schedule!!
I’m loving the courses I have.
I have drawing and painting first thing in the morning, and then I have maths, and then a spare ( which I’m going to spend working in bake shop in the cafeteria!! My favourite thing ever ), and then I have college prep, mixed bag art!
Two art courses and a spare, all in one semester. It is awesome.

Second semester, I have two spares first thing ( I’m going to spend all my spares the same way- in the kitchen, where I belong. Culinary arts is my very favourite talent ) and then I have English- with a teacher I love!- and then… another maths? I’m going to talk to my guidance counsellor and get that taken out in a few weeks, and see what I can put instead. I don’t know why I have two different maths. Honestly I’m awful at math. Maths is a necessary skill, but one that I, alas and alack, do not possess.

I start first semester next Wednesday! Which means I may not be able to get all my challenges done on schedule. Brace yourselves.


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