School upd8!!

Today was registration day!
I went and got my photo taken for my student ID, and got my schedule!!
I’m loving the courses I have.
I have drawing and painting first thing in the morning, and then I have maths, and then a spare ( which I’m going to spend working in bake shop in the cafeteria!! My favourite thing ever ), and then I have college prep, mixed bag art!
Two art courses and a spare, all in one semester. It is awesome.

Second semester, I have two spares first thing ( I’m going to spend all my spares the same way- in the kitchen, where I belong. Culinary arts is my very favourite talent ) and then I have English- with a teacher I love!- and then… another maths? I’m going to talk to my guidance counsellor and get that taken out in a few weeks, and see what I can put instead. I don’t know why I have two different maths. Honestly I’m awful at math. Maths is a necessary skill, but one that I, alas and alack, do not possess.

I start first semester next Wednesday! Which means I may not be able to get all my challenges done on schedule. Brace yourselves.


New Art Stuff + School Upd8!

Got some new art junk today! Still saving up some money to get a new shelving unit so my bookshelf doesn’t get invaded by all my cool art stuff.

It would almost be shameful how much spending money brightens my day! But it isn’t, because if something makes me happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else I have nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m going to do some chores and then get to work decorating the book I have designated to be my new art journal! That means I will be able to start those art journal challenges I have ( although I may have to dig them up again! My list of prompts seems to have disappeared. )

On another note, I start school on the 26th of August, and I’ll be out as well on the 20th for registration.

I might not be able to get a challenge done every day, unfortunately, but I will certainly try my damnedest.

Pics under the cut!

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