On this blog, there will be posts about;

  • My Art Journal. For those of you who don’t know what an Art Journal it, it’s fairly self explanatory- you make Journal entries periodically (I will aim for every day), but instead of just writing, you can draw, paint, scrapbook, cut, paste, and do veritably anything you would like. This will make more sense when I have several photos for you, and you have some examples. Until then, google “Art Journals”.
  • A regular old Journal project. I am working off of prompts from this helpful list. As with my other challenges, I will be writing one entry each day.
  • My (late) participation in Dailypost’s Writing 101 course. This course has already ended, but they have the content posted, so I will be participating on my own time by myself. I will aim again to do one of these challenges per day.
  • Mixed Media Drawings and progress work. I have a love for Mixed Media. Most of my drawings and doodles will be in Pen or Pencil, with things like ribbon or buttons glued on, or over top of a collage, or something from a magazine.
  • My Digital Drawings and progress work. I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet, and I do a lot of my drawings on my laptop. I have a blog specifically for these, but I will post my favourites here.
  • Any Exercises or Warm Ups I do. I am self taught and often trying to better myself. I will post things like Life Drawing practice, Anatomy practice, Zentangles, or any Demos I do.

The frequency at which I complete challenges and make posts will change come  August 26th, as I am returning to school. When I know when I get out, you will know, because I will post it here. I will be more active on weekends and holidays.


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